18 March, 2012

Little things about me

Hello everybody! I live in Spain. My name is Diana Z. I'm 18 years old and I have my birthday 31st of December.I'm sorry for my english, I only learn it. Every day I look at the blogs and I like them very much. I'll try put my photos to my blog every day, I hope you will like it. If you want to know about me more, go to my blog. Thank you for reading it.

Привет всем! Я живу в Испании. Меня зовут Диана З. Мне 18 лет и мое день рождение 31 декабря. Если хотите узнать обо мне побольше заходите в гости :) Спасибо что уделили время на меня.

P.S. This is some photos from my school-leaving party ^^
        Это мои фотографии с моего выпускного ^^

I'm wearing in:
shoes- Pierre Cardin
bag- Aldo
braslet, earrings- Mango, pendant- New Yorker
watch- Enakei


  1. i love this dress)))))))) remember i wanted it, but my parents liked other dress, so they didn't buy me this one........

  2. this dress is very expensive!!!mama mia